100 Things

  1. I am an ENFP, (‘nuf said)
  2. I am a middle child (I said, ‘NUF!)
  3. Manual transmission confuses me
  4. Pizza should always have broccoli on it
  5. A psychic told me I was psychic
  6. I knew she was going to say that
  7. Wine should be red and warmer than room temperature
  8. Birds freak me out
  9. My dog has OCD
  10. High finance eludes me
  11. As does the career that would necessitate that understanding
  12. I’ve tapped maple trees and boiled down my own maple syrup
  13. A house I once lived in was insulated with cluster flies
  14. I need to live near water
  15. Music is the soundtrack of one’s life
  16. I used to revere old people
  17. Old people are just me, only old
  18. I aspire to be a follower of Christ’s teachings
  19. I am constantly reminded of my human failings
  20. My self esteem could be higher, but then I’d have nothing to work on
  21. Shrimp linguini has the power to make everything ok
  22. Work means too much to me
  23. House work doesn’t mean enough to me
  24. Enthusiasm is a great thing to have
  25. But I was once told to ‘tone it down’ at a job performance review
  26. That boss suffered a heart attack for being so tense and stressed
  27. I’m an encourager, I encourage, but I’m not a cheerleader
  28. although, I did fill in for a cheerleader in high school
  29. I enjoyed being a cheerleader, briefly
  30. I was known for being loud when I was younger
  31. Volume has never been a problem for me
  32. Saying the right thing at the right time can be a problem, though
  33. My parents were European and didn’t ‘believe’ in home ownership
  34. I can’t do a desk job I really can’t I tried and well, never again
  35. I love being on the go, doing things, being in a project
  36. I love my house when it’s full of people
  37. I love my house when it’s empty
  38. I love my house, my little home
  39. Travel is a priority
  40. My husband feels the same way
  41. Italian food is my favourite
  42. My passion is being visually astounded by beauty whether its source is an interior or exterior design, a piece of furniture, a landscape, a work of art, a photo, a person’s face
  43. Subways are only useful for people watching
  44. I love to read
  45. I love to sing
  46. I will make a serious documentary one day (place laughter track here)
  47. I’m still an idealist
  48. Revealing stuff is difficult
  49. My children are 11 years apart, it’s like having two first-borns
  50. I am the Queen of ‘never say never’
  51. I used to sing A Cappella, we called ourselves Company 3
  52. We sang Bette Midler and big band songs
  53. I will never be mother of the year
  54. nor will my mother
  55. My husband is younger than me
  56. My husband can be wiser than me
  57. I believe in arrested development
  58. It’s possible to be older and not more mature
  59. Because I said so, so there, nyah.
  60. Our cat is named Ella after Ella Fitzgerald, the dog is Satchmo after Louis Armstrong
  61. They hate each other
  62. I made my grade three teacher cry and I got sent to the Principal’s office
  63. I played Ophelia from Hamlet in high school
  64. My father asked me, ‘Do you want to eat?’ when I told him I wanted to be an actress.
  65. My mother asked me, ‘How are you going to count your welfare checks is you don’t have math? When I dropped grade 11 math.
  66. Everyone should get therapy before 30. After that you can’t blame your parents
  67. I smoked for 16 years and quit 13 years ago
  68. Quitting smoking is more difficult than giving birth, the birth process ends
  69. Tall de-caf, no-fat lactaid latte (whole lot of nothing for a whole lot of money)
  70. Dude
  71. Indie movies stick to my ribs (hard to explain)
  72. The Muppet Show helped galvanize my sense of humour
  73. Skeddy did to schmor nenin hmm mort mort mort!
  74. Spell check thinks I’m cracked
  75. Patience is a virtue I didn’t have time to get in line for
  76. Shopping is not a hobby
  77. But I love a good auction
  78. I like fixing flea market finds and incorporating them in the decor
  79. I love that my husband puts up with all the flea market junk in the house
  80. A sense of humour is very important to those who know me
  81. I’m actually not funny
  82. I have anger issues. Shut up.
  83. When a creative serge happens, I can do 50 things at once, but not well
  84. Tom Waits, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan CANNOT SING AND YES IT MATTERS!
  85. Over singing should be...over!
  86. Pop music should go with it
  87. I can’t find anything to listen to on the radio, what happened?
  88. Hockey moms scare me
  89. Twelve years of ballet as a child and I still can do some of the moves, not well, though
  90. I saw my entire future before me when I was 30, got scared, turned away and started to live again
  91. I have no regrets in my life, embarrassment and humiliation yes, but not regrets
  92. I’m getting to exactly where I want to be in life, but without a hint of complacency
  93. Feet are ugly and should not be touched
  94. Sushi is perfect food
  95. But not the pickled ginger, who made that part up?
  96. I wish I was better at everything I did
  97. Learning is breathing to me
  98. Apparently snoring and farting are me too, according to the husband
  99. If you read that you know more than you need to
  100. I hate endings so I’m just going to go to the bathroom....


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