Snoring? How bad can it be?

Apparently it is very, very bad if it's a symptom of Sleep Apnea. 
C'mon how bad can it be? 

Well it can kill you. 
Yup, bad sleep = bad. Good sleep= good. 

Do you randomly wake up in the night  sweating, heart racing, adrenalin pumping? That can lead to: high blood pressure which can lead to ... wait for it... clogged arteries! Really. Here's how it goes. The flight or fight response is ignited when you're sleeping and stop breathing. Could be because your tongue is hanging far back in your throat, the water retention from the day in your feet is moving up around your neck (ew, I know!), or you hear some strange noise that jars you awake -it's your snoring that did that but you didn't know because YOU WERE SLEEPING. Sometimes in the night you might  just stop breathing. You may find yourself (in a shot gun shack) gasping for breath or just mildly miffed that you're suddenly awake. But PAY ATTENTION. It could be...wait for it... SLEEP APNEA! 

Kind of sounds like an editing term in English class. 


OK maybe not. 

So bad sleep equals tired equals over-eating equals weight gain equals fat all over including all under and around organs including face, throat, stomach. etc. 
(somebody illustrate this). Overweight equals high blood pressure, high  blood sugar, hypertension, irritability, unstable cycle (women), and in some cases anxiety. Anxiety leads to flight or fight adrenalin rushes which lead to high blood pressure. 

What does this mean? 

Interrupted sleep is killing us. It's the most under diagnosed illness around and I'm questioning whether clogged arteries could be not from stress during the day, but stress during the night?

I'm going to do a sleep study and see if this all makes sense. Right now this logic is completely fuelled by Barefoot Pinot Grigio. (No, it's not a symptom).
Mar 21, 2012


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