Stimulating Senses...

Some weeks just outshine others in the calendar of life. 
Last week was one of them. It's always exciting when you have a 'first', but a week filled with  firsts is exponentially more exciting.

Let's start with The Raptors. Basketball. That game with the tall men that goes on for a quarter of the time, entertainment and fist-thumping antics for the other three quarters? Yeah, that. Now, picture this as your first time seeing a basketball game, from a private corporate box with a group of your favourite people and catered yummies. Yup, basketball heaven. It was a special treat, a work without work evening and our whole team ("I love us!") was there with some of the talent from the shows we work with. An excellent time was had by each. It was actually hilarious to me that the fist-pumping music, and the cheerleading and the shooting t-shirts into the air entertainment fits itself in and around the game like a commercial break. Yes I'm new, why?

Then the gastronomic bliss of dinner at Ruby Watch Co. consumed (hah!) the following Wednesday night. It's not just a meal, it's an experience. Chef Lynn and Chef Laura have created full menu nights, every night. You come on a Wednesday, (here's what you're going to eat..). It changes every day. Food is served family style, (here's the bowl, plate, basket, etc. help yourself) and the menu is as local as the ingredients can be. The layers of flavour and textures are courtesy of fresh-baked goods (I will marry that biscuit one day!), home-made butter, canned marinated, pickled and preserved delicacies, and freshly cooked ingredients. Lynn Crawford wasn't there but I could hear her voice in the descriptions of the courses. She has a way of making everything sound enticing, stimulating the waterworks in your mouth. Her staff is great at simulating her delivery, there's love and lust in every syllable. And that's just the description, eating it takes you to a whole new plateau. The restaurant was full, a great energy envelopes you as soon as you enter and it carries you through every course. Wine and cheese pairings are hand selected with care and every moment in there feels like a privilege.
I was in great company except the husband wasn't there. I got him the next best thing: A signed cookbook!

But the week of firsts continued...
I had a chance to meet the lovely and talented Lisa Ray star of the film, Water and recent cancer survivor. She's probably the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. It was a work scenario so I didn't have a chance to delve into her recovery story ala George Strombo but I'd love to one day.

Then the very next day...
Lindsay Wagner came a calling. She's friends with a producer friend and wanted to stop by to visit. I HAD to take her around to meet people because you just HAVE to show off the Bionic Woman. I apologized to her in advance and she was so gracious. Allowing pictures to be taken and hands to be shook (shaken?). We talked for over two hours about the TV industry, her life as a facilitator, teaching people to connect with who they really are. Her journey to self discovery is interesting but it's not about her it's about sharing her knowledge. She's quite fascinating and yes, absolutely beautiful inside and out. I left our meeting feeling like I'd received an incredible gift; her time and energy.

To top it all off  was at the Canadian Film Festival premiere of "Webdultary". Brilliant, funny, well-crafted and captivating. I just happen to know the DOP and he actually challenged me to come see it and experience the camera and lenses he used. I taunted him about budgets and expensive lenses and how nice it is when you have both. The irony is this full feature film was made with less that $40,000. Less than what it costs to make a music video these days... and it was brilliant. Special mention: Kevin Kincaid as O'Keefe, the brother. Exceptional performance, Genie-worthy for sure. Ironically it was my neighbor who introduced me to Kevin a couple of months ago, and she was my date for the evening!

Tonight the festivities wind down at a sleep clinic where I will spend the night to determine if sleep apnea is a factor. I suspect it may be the route cause of many things -including a few clogged pipes! Here's to a cure to stimulating senses when we're supposed to be SLEEPING! Huzzah!
Apr 1, 2012


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