Chronologically Speaking...

SIX SYLLABLES! Not even a Monday! Although I'm still sore about the Thursday syllable bomb: multi-generational. (Seven) Way to go Maria F.

You can add multi, micro, able and ally to lots of words to stretch them out but it's better when they're multisyllabically fortificated without.

But I digress.

I'm half way. I've decided to live to 106 so tomorrow I'll be half way there. to honour another year of life four of us went to Bella Italia on vacation. Three of the four share the same birthday. It's more coincidence than anything but we used it as an excuse to celebrate. I've been back for two weeks but I still dream all things Italian. The wine, the food the culture in your face, the beauty that doesn't stop. Breath-taking. I want to go back every year, for at least the next 25 years.  

Who knew when I was a kid being schooled in Italian swearing by classmates that 40 years later I would get to think of those words again in their home country? One Italian boyfriend taught me to say horrible things that I turned into cute little rhymes. He refused to introduce me to his parents. He said it was because the only girl who could ever meet Italian parents was the one marrying their son. I think it's because he was afraid I might drop the fanculo-bomb at dinner. 

That and I was a manga -cake (actually strudel) so I would never do.

In real Italy I never heard anyone swear, lots of muttering under the breath but no overt, passionate yelling. It made me feel like I didn't really live the real Italian experience. It did come close at a couple of restaurants but I blame the Prosecco. I won't begin to describe the land, the food, the gelato, it's too fresh, too raw to relive just yet. But I can't think of a more wonderful place to have a holiday. Some  places were so unreal we thought Disney had come in and created their own version of the historical cities. Now having experienced Italy off the beaten track, without the cruise ships and tour guides I feel like I lived it and I'm ready to go back.

Maybe next time I'll get to use some of the colourful words ingrained in my brain.

Happy birthday to all my fellow celebrants! May the 28th be with you.
May 27, 2012


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